Prices for Our Services

Below is a guideline of prices for basic packages. There will be an additional charge on Christmas day services and bank holidays. There will also be a charge to cover fuel costs for services outside of Pickering.

Dog Walking In Pickering

Single dog walks are either half hour or hour walks. A half hour walk is £7 and an hour walk is £12. For every additional dog it is £4 for a half hour walk and £7 for an hour walk. We provide our own treats and poo bags so you don't have to worry about that! Don't have a lead? We can provide our own too! Play sessions can be incorporated into walks for no extra fee or even substituted for the same time and same price. Phone, text or e mail to discuss your needs and what you would like and we will see how we can help!

Pop in Pet Sitting

Do you worry about your pet while you are at work and want updating on how he/ she is? This would be an ideal service for you. We can let you know during the day through phone, text or e mail how you pet is doing. A Pop in Pet sit costs £7 for twenty minutes where we will check up on your pet, let it toilet, clean up after it/ clean litter trays etc. Your pet may be recovering from surgery and doesn't want walking but still needs toileting which is where you would use the Pop in Pet sitting service. The £7 will cover four small animals such as rodents and chickens or one larger animal such as cats and dogs. Extra's will be charged at £3 per additional large animal or per two additional small animals.

Horse Care

We are currently only able to provide feeding and rugging up care for horses and regretfully due to health cannot provide a mucking out service. Own food and hay must be provided. Please contact for more details and price.


After Hours and Travel

Any services provided after 8pm will incur an additional £1 charge. Travel expenses are subject to distance from Pickering and will be arranged upon booking, all services within the Pickering town area do not incur a travel fee.

Contact Us

If you want more information on Pet Care or Sitting in Pickering, Dog Walking in Pickering, and other local villages then feel free to give us a ring, text or e-mail with the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.