Horse Care

Horse Care

I personally have been around horses since I was 11 and had my first riding lesson! I love them to pieces, and when my horse became too old to ride I took great pleasure in caring for her, and occasionally taking her foir walks! After all, I wasnt allowed a dog at the time!

Mucking out and more!

I am insured to provide mucking out, either in a field or stable. (own tools and hay/ straw must be provided) I also have a lot of experience in this! Other services:

  • Filling hay nets
  • Feeding
  • Rugging up/ taking rugs off
  • Turning your horse out/ bringing it in
  • Changing water
  • Attention visit
  • Medication visit

If there is any other service you would like for your horse I am happy to discuss this and tailor a package for you! Unfortunately due to insurance however I am unable to provide an exercising service for your horse, ridden or on the ground.

I am not trained as a vet so medication visits are providing medication that has been given to you by the vet and therefor is safe for a non professional in medication to administer.

How can this benefit you?

perhaps you are planning a holiday and need your horse regularly being mucked out and fed? Now you don't need to worry as I am a big animal lover happy to help so you can have time for a break! I had a horse for approx 5- 6 years until the point at age 30 she had colic and had to be put down, so I'm used to all weather horse care!

Also due to my previous horse being old i have had experience with: Laminitis, Hoof infection, scabs and scrapes, lameness, cushings disease, mites and old age! I have no worries with any size horse as mine lived at a stables with many shires and generally large breeds!


For more information or enquires feel free to contact me either through phone, e mail or text! I look forward to hearing from you and meeting your equine friend!

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