Horse Care

Horse Care

As a family we have had experience looking after horses with Holly having a pony from a young age allowing us to understand horse behaviour and care. Due to Holly's previous horse being old we have had experience with: Laminitis, Hoof infection, scabs and scrapes, lameness, cushings disease, mites and old age! We have no worries with any size horse as Lucy lived at a stables with many shires and generally large breeds!

Our Services

  • Filling hay nets
  • Feeding
  • Rugging up/ taking rugs off
  • Turning your horse out/ bringing it in
  • Changing water
  • Attention visit
  • Medication visit


Due to health we are currently unable to provide a muckin out service.


If there is any other service you would like for your horse we are happy to discuss this and tailor a package for you! Unfortunately due to insurance however Iwe are unable to provide an exercising service for your horse, ridden or on the ground.

We are not trained as a vet so medication visits are providing medication that has been given to you by the vet and therefor is safe for a non professional in medication to administer.


For more information or enquires feel free to contact us either through phone, e mail or text! We look forward to hearing from you and meeting your equine friend!