Dog Walking

Dog Walking

We offer half hour and hour walks to suit all budgets and types of dogs. Half hour walks are ideal for small dogs that maybe can't walk as far but need their day breaking up if you are busy at work or unable to fit in a daytime walk. Dogs shouldn't be left alone for more than four hours as they can develop bad behaviour due to boredom and you may end up coming home to a very chewed house! A mid day walk will just break up the day and also tire the dog out so it is less likely to cause any destruction. Hour walks are perfect for dogs with lots of energy. Another option that would cost the same as an hour walk is a half hour walk followed by a half hour play. This is popular for puppies or dogs with busy owners.


Having a dog walker is a great way of allowing you to go out for social events or work and yet still have a high energy animal that may need more attention and exercise. We can walk your dog, giving it socialisation with ourselves and locations as we walk, building up confidence. We also use reward based methods and will not allow a dog to pull but can assure you we will only use encouragement and positive reinforcement to help your dog learn the correct place for your dog to walk. This also provides mental stimulation as the dog is learning. We also reinforce obedience such as sit before crossing a road and wait which can be useful as well as life saving. Half an hour mental stimulation is equavalent to an hour walk. Dogs require both mental and Physical stimulation, a combintation of both within a walk proves good for behaviour and health of your companion. Play time within or towards the later half of the walk can be great fun for your pooch and us, and if for example you don't have time to play with your dog or physically can't we are able to provide that outlet for your pooch!

Contact Details

There are times when we are out dog walking. So we recommend email as a point of contact or a fast way to reach me is through the mobile number: 07790815764 or 07732567163. You can either phone or text. Texting would allow us to reply quicker as we may not have our diary and need to call home to check dates of availability! And of course we could be walking dogs and no free hands! We will always make sure I reply as soon as possible!