Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Pickering

Welcome to Pooch Pals

Pooch Pals is a friendly and caring pet sitting family run business originally established by Holly and later joined by husband Fabian alongside Anne and Martyn (holly's parents). As a family we personally own a Siberian Forest Cat, rescued longhaired cat, Alaskan Malamute and Labradoodle.


We provide some fantastic services, from dog walking, pet sitting, some horse care* and puppy care. Our services are aimed at people who have busy lifestyles and work schedules, people going on holiday or just generally need help providing exercise and care for their pets.


Are you in need of help looking after or exercising your pet? Look no further than Pooch Pals where we are proud to offer friendly, professional and affordable services in Pickering, Thornton Dale and surrounding local villages.


We pride ourselves on responsible pet ownership, always ensuring to pick up dog poop on walks, allowing rescue pets distance from other animals, always placing dogs on lead when approaching other dogs on lead and ensuring trust is built between ourselves and the animals we take care of. We only allow dogs off lead whom we can fully trust and have owner permission to do so and treat each animal as it it were our own. We also only ever walk dogs together if they are suitable and the owners are comfortable, and never more than 3 at a time.


So why not give us a call today and see if we can help you with dog walking in Pickering and Thornton Dale, or any of the other great services we have to offer.


*please see our horse care page for more info on our current offering